Kamilla was born on 18.04. in 2012. in our stud.
Her father is 5309 Paolo and her mother is Karamella. Paolo was a cooperative, friendly pure
bred stallion who has just a few offsprings in our stud, because he stayed in our place just
until a year. His ancestors have good ability in show jumping.
Karamella was a lively and a very comfortable mare. Her father is 3003 Karador who is the
son of 989 Karader. Karader was a very succesful galopp horse in his homeland.
Kamilla is a very powerful, enegetic horse with good stamina. After we trained her under
saddle she had one foal because of her breeding value. She participated in two-hours-, and a
one day riding, (tourday) and in the cattle driving too. She is sensitive, one well-trained rider
could be suitable to her. We started her endurance training in february of 2019. She took part
in her first race in April of 2019. She behaved herself very well in the competition despite she
was very shy. We met with a train and endurance chariot in our way. She placed 8th with a
good pulse. After this race we started the gatering season, so one of our friend trained her in
the Pilis mountain. Then she came back and we have trained her to 40 km since the autumn of 2019.


Origines par le père

5309 Paolo
Asket 1195 Ekemen
2543 Akgozel
Premiia 1228 Maksut 2
2886 Parfiya
Origines par la mère

3003 Karador 989 Karader
1946 Desmal-1946
Ajándék 813 Musztafa


Annonce N°429499
le 29-12-2019   |   par akhal_cseppento
Prix : 5000€   (Ferme)

Nom du cheval :Kamilla

Sexe :Pouliche

Race :Akhal téké

Taille :165 cm

Robe :Noir

Type :Cheval de sport

Âge :7 ans

Aptitudes :Endurance



Papiers :Oui

Organisme :Autre, N°HUN K AH120010000

Gains :5000€

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Transaction :à vendre

Namur - Belgique Belgique

Contact annonceur

  • Nom du contact : Réka Cseppent?
  • Adresse : Pusztaszeri major 102.
  • Code postal : 6767
  • Ville : Ópusztaszer
  • Pays : Belgique

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